sexta-feira, 8 de junho de 2007

A união do Google & Salesforce fará história!!

A união do Google (com forças relacionadas como o Google Apps, Google Addword e Google Gmail) e mostram um pouco daquilo que o virá a ser, de forma especializada, focado nos dentistas, suas aplicações e suas relações comerciais com clentes, fornecedores e prestadores de serviço.

Na mesma escala ampla, o é a nossa versão do e oferecerá suporte online para operações de vendedores em todo o Brasil: dos pequenos vendedores autônomos às equipes de vendas de empresas.

Muito gratificante ver que ambos os projetos era mais do que um sonho... era uma realidade antecipada! E reconhecida pelo Google!

Estamos chegando lá! O será o portal onde o dentista terá seu webmail profissional ( customizado, um Google Gmail), sua agenda online (Google Calendar), sua plataforma de publicidade (Google Addwords e - que direciona o anúncio do dentista aos leitores certos acessando o site), seu blog (Google Blogger), seus aplicativos de escritório (Google Docs), seus aplicativos profissionais ( , sua plataforma comercial (, e e sua plataforma de publicação/atualização científica especializada (, e

Tudo sob demanda... de qualquer terminal, de qualquer local, a qualquer hora!

Não posso deixar de lembrar do pequeno e inspirador trailer da união Google-Salesforce, já indicado anteriormente neste blog:

Google, Salesforce may make software history

Reports say Google is about to strike a deal with If true, the deal could have far more significance than simply sharing and exchanging mashups.

As big as Google is, it can't change the high-tech industry
single-handedly. But a deal with Salesforce that embeds Google Apps inside the CRM vendor's service could become that moment in high-tech history that changes the way companies think about office productivity applications forever more.

Salesforce could offer its customers a full set of office productivity apps at a low, low price -- as an alternative to using Microsoft Office.

If this were to happen, first impressions are critical, meaning both Google and Salesforce better get all their ducks in a row to ensure that the productivity applications are easily integrated into the CRM application service.

A second requirement to see this take off would be the inclusion of an ironclad SLA [Service Level Agreement] at the same professional level Salesforce offers for its own CRM applications. Google Apps currently has none, other than for Gmail, and that is not enterprise-ready at only 99.9% uptime.

In essence, the integration of office productivity applications with line of business applications would go a long way toward creating the long sought after single desktop view in which users no longer have to punch out to each separate application.

Rather, all applications are simply part of a pull down menu with users accessing each application as if it were just another feature on the desktop.

If every Web-based app came with Google Apps or something like it, perhaps StarOffice, it would give users the interoperability that they can't get now from Microsoft Office easily, unless they turn to SAP, which has an integration deal in Duet with Microsoft.

This deal could turn office productivity apps into a commodity item and make them ubiquitous, in that they would be an expected part of every SaaS service.

Today, every user expects a spell checker as part of their word processor, but some day every user may expect a word processor as part of their CRM, ERP, BI, PLM, or whatever application they use. All of it using ODF as the standard.

If high-tech has taught us anything, it is that nothing stays the same and no one stays on top forever.

The imprimatur of a business application like Salesforce, which is a leader in its market, with the single most popular online application in the history of the Internet, Google, may start as a ripple, but I predict it will end up as a tsunami that could, one day, wash away the largest software company of all time.

Posted by Ephraim Schwartz on May 21, 2007 11:09 AM's CEO Marc Benioff talks about the company's use of Google Apps.

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